domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Arts Blog

This artwork, Shark, belongs to David Cerny and is a recreation of  Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The intention of the artist was to recreate in our minds the image of Saddam Hussein who in this artwork is submerged in a tank formaldehyde. The intention is to make us believe on the impossibility of death in the minds of something living. Meaning that something does not die when it lived in the mind of the people. I believe that it is a good work of art but that is contradicting by the image that it represents. Even though, creating an image of Saddam Hussein must be really hard. The reaction of the audience is questioning why does he want the image of Saddam Hussein alive?. Either way, Shark, is a depicting image of the dictator we grew up to know and the obscurity in his image. 
Imitation: The artist is trying to imitate the image of Saddam Hussein and the obscurity in his death. 
Communication: The artist is trying to communicate to the public, that the way that Saddam Hussein fed his enemies to the shark, he now becomes a shark. 
Education: This educates the audience because it gives us a new image of this dictator that we did not know before.

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Human Sciences Post

Loftus and Palmer:  Reconstruction of automobile destruction 

In this study Loftus and Palmer are trying to prove that memory is not a factual recording of an event and that memories can be distorted by other information that occurs after the event. 

The study consists of two laboratory experiments. The independent variable of both of the experiments is the verb used. The dependent variable in the first experiment is the participant's speed estimate and the dependent variable in the second experiment is whether the participant believed they saw glass. 

Loftus and Palmer argue that two kinds of information go into a person's memory of an event. The first is the information obtained from perceiving an event, and the second is the other information supplied to us after the event. Over time, the information from these two sources may be integrated in such a way that we are unable to tell from which source some specific detail is recalled. All we have is "one" memory.

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Ethics Blog

Euthanasia vs Life Support

Several governments around the world have legalized voluntary euthanasia. 

In Russia, euthanasia is banned. 
In 2002, The Netherlands legalized euthanasia including physician assisted suicide. 
In Mexico, active euthanasia is illegal but since 7 January 2008, the law allows the terminally ill - or closest relatives, if unconscious - to refuse medication or further medical treatment to extend life, in Mexico City, Aguascalientes and Michoacan.

I believe that euthanasia is unethical until a certain point. If the person is not conscious or does not want to be "disconnected" then it is unethical. But if the person does not want the family to be wasting the money on them, then it should be the person's call. Nevertheless, nobody can take away someone else's life that is not God. 

Historical Analysis Post

Origin: The origin of this cartoon was on June 2009, when the whole Honduran Crisis was going on, and it was said that Hugo Chavez was behind whatever Mel did. 

Purpose: To give a visual representation of how Hugo Chavez wanted to control Honduras. Informing the Honduran people on what was going on. 

Value: The value is important because it opens the eyes of the Honduran people, to not let Hugo Chavez control their country. 

Limitation: There is no description on this image so it is hard to understand if you are not informed of the situation. 

domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

Mathematics Blog

My example of a fractal is a SNOWFLAKE. This is an example of a fractal because if you take away a fragment of the whole it looks just the same as the whole.

The video below explains how people we knew about fractals we would believe that math was present in nature/snowflakes due to symmetry, because the same pattern was viewed on both sides, so there was a complete balance.

jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

Natural Sciences Blog

A scientific experiment that is considered unethical was the psychology test of Little Albert by John Watson. This experiment wanted to prove that humans are not born with any fear rather than loud noises. In this experiment Watson made that a little boy called Albert was afraid of fuzzy white objects. What makes the experiment deeply unethical was that the person tested did not have consent of what was going on, and also that Watson could not induct fear into a person, worst a minor, because he did not know what the consequences would bring. Another unethical aspect was that Little Albert did not finish the experiment.

martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

Emotion Post

This video brings me joy because it is about tennis and tennis brings happiness to my life. Watching this video is like remembering about all my tennis experiences, and Azarenka is my role model so this is a joyful video for me. 

This video makes me angry because i HATE Shakira because she places Nadal in this polemic position. This makes me angry because Nadal should not be with another women, because he is mine. I hate how she kisses him in the end of the video. Why did she want him in the video? She can be like her grandma (just kidding) but she is way older! GOSH

This video makes me sad because we are watching the repercussions of the Haiti Earthquake. It makes me sad to see how many people is suffering and how many people was left with anything. Poor people, we should help them. 

domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

Perception Post

"Doubt is the key to knowledge” (Persian Proverb). 
To what extent is this true in Perception?

I believe that this is true to the extent that if you doubt about a truth then you will seek for more knowledge. You will seek to discover new views and perspectives. 

  • Everybody believed that the Earth was flat. But Christopher Columbus had the doubt so he searched for knowledge, and then proved everybody else that the Earth was round by the trips he made. He believed that by going around he would get to the India, taking a new path. While everybody else only followed one path. 
  • In school, our biology teacher told us to put 3 reasons why people are obese. Everybody wrote the same three answers in the worksheet. But, a friend and I doubted that these were the only answers possible. We searched for more knowledge, and perspectives. We found out that pollution marks a great influence in the hormones and people become fat. 
  • In my personal life, I doubted that the pain in my upper arm after playing a tournament was because of excess of games and effort because I might hit the ball too hard. After visiting many doctors, that could not find the exact reason for my pain, and for them the only solution was weight lifting. After all of this, I doubted that the pain came because of this so I searched for more information about the weight of the racquet and found out that the string I was using was only meant to be used for people of certain weight because it was too hard, and since I did not meet the requirements this harmed my arm. 

IB Assessment Blog

Topic: “There are no absolute distinctions between what is true and what is false”. Discuss this claim
The statement is false. Reality is absolute. There is a clear distinction between truths and falsities. 

Plato once said: If you believe the truth is relative then you believe all views are correct. And if you believe all views are correct then you believe my views are correct. And since I believe truth is absolute, you must therefore believe truth is absolute." Relative truth leads to contradiction.

An example of something true is that the world is round. No ma
tter how many people believed that the world was flat with and end, scientists have proved that the world is round.

domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

HIstorical Issues

War in Iraq: This issue began with good reasoning from the U.S. The reason was that they wanted to protect Iraqi people from their cruel president Sadam Hussein because he was committing homicides etc. So the US decided to intervene. This good reasoning came wrong because they did not intervene peacefully but declared a war. The event became pretty ironic when you start thinking that many Iraqi people became hurt because of the war too. So the protection did not come. (
Mexican Revolution: This is another situation that started from a good reasoning from Francisco Madero. Even though, Madero was from the really high class of Mexico he did not agree with politics of Porfirio Diaz, and because of this he decided to start the Mexican Revolution, which resulted successful because he did take Diaz out of the power. This event went wrong, because Madero was a man who was too good for his own good. Sohe was in the end betrayed and murdered by those in whom he had mistakenly places his trust on. They declared a counterrevolution, and there even was a U.S. intervention involved, and a coup. (
Spanish-American War: This event started when the US decided to declare the Monroe Doctrine which basically told European powers HAND OFF of America. The US wanted to liberate all the colonies from their European powers. This sounded as a great idea for the Latin Americans. But this idea turned around when the US wanted to take control of Latin America and started declaring many agreements that would gain them more power. Like the Roosevelt Corollary and all the other amendments which in the end had a catch. So in the end they gained the hate of all Latin America and the Caribbean and had to fix the situations. This is why they say "with great power comes great responsibility". (

domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010

Origin of My Name

Name: Koritza 
Origin: Greek of Korce 
Italian - Corizza
City in Albania 
Meaning: no meaning

Name: Isabella 
Origin: Biblical Name 
Meaning: consecrated to God

Surname: Beneditt
Origin: Italian Benedetti 
Meaning: latin "benefit and blessed" 

Surname: Jiménez
Origin: Son of Jimeno or Simón- Spanish
Meaning: "gracious hearkening, snub nosed" 

I am named Koritza after my mother, my grandma had a Greek friend with the same name and she liked it. My dad named me Isabella instead of Isabel, which is my grandmothers name, because Isabella is the Italian for Isabel, and he is a big fan of Isabella Rossellini. 
Isabella Rossellini


domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

5 Important Aspects of My Life

The most important aspect in my life is my family. They are my best friends my confidents, I can trust them, and I know they will be there for me no matter what. They have supported me in everything I've done. I love my family soo MUCH!
One important aspect in my life is my tennis national team. Even though tennis is an individual sport, making it selfish, there is always time for a team to support you. During all these years I've made very good friends who support me in my good and bas times.
Rafael Nadal is my inspiration and my role model. He has helped me see that I need to fight for what I want, no matter what happens. He is an important aspect in my life because one day I dream to be like him.
One important aspect in my life is tennis, because it has helped me become in a better person that is perseverant, disciplined, and determined. I have learned to fight for what I want. 
One important aspect in my life are my friends. They have always been there for me in my good and bad. One of my greatest fear is to leave to college and not being able to share all moments with them again.