domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

HIstorical Issues

War in Iraq: This issue began with good reasoning from the U.S. The reason was that they wanted to protect Iraqi people from their cruel president Sadam Hussein because he was committing homicides etc. So the US decided to intervene. This good reasoning came wrong because they did not intervene peacefully but declared a war. The event became pretty ironic when you start thinking that many Iraqi people became hurt because of the war too. So the protection did not come. (
Mexican Revolution: This is another situation that started from a good reasoning from Francisco Madero. Even though, Madero was from the really high class of Mexico he did not agree with politics of Porfirio Diaz, and because of this he decided to start the Mexican Revolution, which resulted successful because he did take Diaz out of the power. This event went wrong, because Madero was a man who was too good for his own good. Sohe was in the end betrayed and murdered by those in whom he had mistakenly places his trust on. They declared a counterrevolution, and there even was a U.S. intervention involved, and a coup. (
Spanish-American War: This event started when the US decided to declare the Monroe Doctrine which basically told European powers HAND OFF of America. The US wanted to liberate all the colonies from their European powers. This sounded as a great idea for the Latin Americans. But this idea turned around when the US wanted to take control of Latin America and started declaring many agreements that would gain them more power. Like the Roosevelt Corollary and all the other amendments which in the end had a catch. So in the end they gained the hate of all Latin America and the Caribbean and had to fix the situations. This is why they say "with great power comes great responsibility". (

domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010

Origin of My Name

Name: Koritza 
Origin: Greek of Korce 
Italian - Corizza
City in Albania 
Meaning: no meaning

Name: Isabella 
Origin: Biblical Name 
Meaning: consecrated to God

Surname: Beneditt
Origin: Italian Benedetti 
Meaning: latin "benefit and blessed" 

Surname: Jiménez
Origin: Son of Jimeno or Simón- Spanish
Meaning: "gracious hearkening, snub nosed" 

I am named Koritza after my mother, my grandma had a Greek friend with the same name and she liked it. My dad named me Isabella instead of Isabel, which is my grandmothers name, because Isabella is the Italian for Isabel, and he is a big fan of Isabella Rossellini. 
Isabella Rossellini