martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

Emotion Post

This video brings me joy because it is about tennis and tennis brings happiness to my life. Watching this video is like remembering about all my tennis experiences, and Azarenka is my role model so this is a joyful video for me. 

This video makes me angry because i HATE Shakira because she places Nadal in this polemic position. This makes me angry because Nadal should not be with another women, because he is mine. I hate how she kisses him in the end of the video. Why did she want him in the video? She can be like her grandma (just kidding) but she is way older! GOSH

This video makes me sad because we are watching the repercussions of the Haiti Earthquake. It makes me sad to see how many people is suffering and how many people was left with anything. Poor people, we should help them. 

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