domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

Perception Post

"Doubt is the key to knowledge” (Persian Proverb). 
To what extent is this true in Perception?

I believe that this is true to the extent that if you doubt about a truth then you will seek for more knowledge. You will seek to discover new views and perspectives. 

  • Everybody believed that the Earth was flat. But Christopher Columbus had the doubt so he searched for knowledge, and then proved everybody else that the Earth was round by the trips he made. He believed that by going around he would get to the India, taking a new path. While everybody else only followed one path. 
  • In school, our biology teacher told us to put 3 reasons why people are obese. Everybody wrote the same three answers in the worksheet. But, a friend and I doubted that these were the only answers possible. We searched for more knowledge, and perspectives. We found out that pollution marks a great influence in the hormones and people become fat. 
  • In my personal life, I doubted that the pain in my upper arm after playing a tournament was because of excess of games and effort because I might hit the ball too hard. After visiting many doctors, that could not find the exact reason for my pain, and for them the only solution was weight lifting. After all of this, I doubted that the pain came because of this so I searched for more information about the weight of the racquet and found out that the string I was using was only meant to be used for people of certain weight because it was too hard, and since I did not meet the requirements this harmed my arm. 

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