domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

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This artwork, Shark, belongs to David Cerny and is a recreation of  Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The intention of the artist was to recreate in our minds the image of Saddam Hussein who in this artwork is submerged in a tank formaldehyde. The intention is to make us believe on the impossibility of death in the minds of something living. Meaning that something does not die when it lived in the mind of the people. I believe that it is a good work of art but that is contradicting by the image that it represents. Even though, creating an image of Saddam Hussein must be really hard. The reaction of the audience is questioning why does he want the image of Saddam Hussein alive?. Either way, Shark, is a depicting image of the dictator we grew up to know and the obscurity in his image. 
Imitation: The artist is trying to imitate the image of Saddam Hussein and the obscurity in his death. 
Communication: The artist is trying to communicate to the public, that the way that Saddam Hussein fed his enemies to the shark, he now becomes a shark. 
Education: This educates the audience because it gives us a new image of this dictator that we did not know before.

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