domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

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Loftus and Palmer:  Reconstruction of automobile destruction 

In this study Loftus and Palmer are trying to prove that memory is not a factual recording of an event and that memories can be distorted by other information that occurs after the event. 

The study consists of two laboratory experiments. The independent variable of both of the experiments is the verb used. The dependent variable in the first experiment is the participant's speed estimate and the dependent variable in the second experiment is whether the participant believed they saw glass. 

Loftus and Palmer argue that two kinds of information go into a person's memory of an event. The first is the information obtained from perceiving an event, and the second is the other information supplied to us after the event. Over time, the information from these two sources may be integrated in such a way that we are unable to tell from which source some specific detail is recalled. All we have is "one" memory.

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